A-litter 29.01.13

On 29th January 2013 our pride and joy Badriyah have gave birth to her A litter, 6 males and 3 females. Father of the puppies is Tunisian imported Lazrig from Czech kennel BOHEMIA GENAO. Feel free to contact us about any information regarding the beautiful sloughi puppies. Reservations are open.


A-litter, 47 days old

New pictures of A-litter on our gallery page (A-litter, 47 days old)









A-litter, 36 days old, first steps out

We have new pictures of A-litter in our gallery (A-litter, 36 days old), that are their first steps in nature during sunny day.



A-litter, 22-days old



A-litter, 9-days old




Badriyah AG Dalvit with her A-litter.