About us

Dear visitors, lovers of dogs,

We are the owners of the kennel “BALKAN SIGHTHOUND” which is located in Zrenjanin, Serbia (about 80 km from Belgrade). We are in business of breeding Arab SLOUGHI greyhounds since 2009. Our priority and aim is to breed  quality puppies  of this exotic and rare breed. To do this we have imported a female puppy named Badriyah AG Dalvit from a well known kennel from the Czech Republic www.sloughi-dalvit.com, which is a descendant of a multiple European champion the same as our Tunisian import Ata ( more info about Ata on our web site )

Our motivation for  the  breeding of these dogs is primarily love that this wonderful dogs give back by showing their endless devotion and the fact that they are great fun to have around.

So far, and in the future the kennel will continue to create quality in breeding – not quantity, with special emphasis on professional care and upbringing of puppies,creating genetically healthy and strong dogs for exhibitions with good bloodlines, stable character and temperament.

Please enjoy while visiting our site and contact us for any information.

Write to us in any case, whether these are suggestions, praise, criticism, reservation of puppies, or you just simply want to socialize.