• New pictures, B-litter 6 weeks old!

    Hello dear sloughi-lovers,

    We got so many requests to from you to add new pictures so this time we bring you 35 fresh new photos of our B-litter. Today was beautiful sunny day here after week pouring rain which brought many misfortune for this region so we didn’t want to miss this opportunity for posing. Thank you all for your e-mails of support. We are trying to answer all your questions.

    You can find new pictures in page B-litter 09.04.14 (males collar: black, dark blue, brown,  female collar: red, yellow, light blue, pink, olive green, orange, violet). For now we have 5 reservations, so hurry up if you decide that you want this beautiful ancient breed to be your friend for life.

    Three beautiful females

  • B-litter is here!!!

    On night between 8th and 9th April 2014 our Badriyah AG Dalvit gave birth to 10 little puppies, 3 boys and 7 girls. All puppies are healthy and well with no signs of any problems. Keep following our page for more info of B-litter. We give you this first picture of happy family. More news and pictures in following days. Be free to contact us for any questions.


  • ‘B’ litter latest news

    Dear Friends,

    I’d love to share the good news that Sloughi Balkan’s ‘B’ litter is due around 10th of April. It was confirmed couple of days ago in ultrasound. Cheeers!
    Parents are: Badriyah AG Dalvit [International Champion of Beauty, Champion of Serbia] x Chebkali Del Sayed El Gazel [Youth Champion of Slovakia , Champion of Slovakia]






    chebkali5 Chebkali


    00220Badriyah and Emil




  • New dog!!!

    Sloughi Balkan Kennel is proud to introduce new member of our family – Ata. Ata is tunisian import from well-known tunisian breeder Mohamed Nabli. His characteristic coloring and pure blood line will be great improve for our kennel. With great excitement we wait to take him on first shows and represent him to sloughi community. Please take some time and check him in our gallery page.



    Ata Sloughi Balkan


    Also, we would like you to read next text. It is post from Mohamed Nabli facebook page that warns all breeders and lovers of this race to take special attention when considering  North-African sloughis.


    To all sloughi breeders all over the world*****

    September 2, 2011 at 7:52am

    I want to share this post and some sloughi’s photos with all my friends , because I felt the necessity to show how look the real Tunisian sloughis. This necessity has arisen after having seen some photos of so-called Tunisian sloughis on Facebook and online. In my personal opinion, these photos were published either by non-Tunisian who in reality never spend enough time traveling in my country to find out about our sloughis or by some Tunisians who pretend having complete knowledge about sloughis but they have never been out of their backyards. These people foolishly believe that few places are sloughis’ cradles  as if the sloughi come to being in one or 2 places in Tunisia or elsewhere in north Africa . The worst, they claim that their sloughis are the genuine ones as if they travelled back in time and checked all their sloughi’s ancestors for several decades or centuries.

    As a person Qualified very well traveled in my homeland thanks to my Job as national cultural tour leader and sloughi lover for about 18 years, I allow myself to say that some of the Tunisian sloughi photos shown , look like photos of cross-breed dogs; local breed of dogs and sloughis.

    I find it misleading and may defame the sloughis in Tunisia.

    All of this urged me to post some photos of Tunisian Sloughis Bred by a friend of mine. His bloodlines of sloughis were handed down to him from his father and also his mother. Both parents’ ancestors were breeding sloughis and breeding excellent sloughis was a matter of pride for them. His ancestors were nomads and lived most of the year in western part of Libya. They practiced transhumance in North Africa. They were moving freely in Libya, Tunisia and Algeria before that borders were established in these countries. They were always breeding with the best sloughis they met in all places where they stayed temporarily. In my opinion his sloughis, can portray the real Tunisian sloughis.

    once again, this is why I am sharing them with all of you. They are in the new album entitled Tunisia Sloughis

    These photos will be published soon By Bernard Lignon in his website. Mr Lignon is also a friend of The breeder in question .

  • B-litter to come soon!!!



    Hello everybody, long time no see :)

    We have great news, our Badriyah AG Dalvit is expecting her B-litter with Chebkali Sayad El Gazel. I will not spend words for Badriyah now after she become International champion of beauty. Chebkali have, among many beauty titles as young and adault male, 4th place in European coursing championship.

    We are very exiting about possibilities for this litter and can’t wait for puppies to come.

     Flayer Badi-Cheb v2

  • International Champion of Beauty!

    Sloughi-Balkan kennel are extremly proud to announce that our pride and joy Badriya AG Dalvit recive the title of international champion of beauty. Few days ago we recieve Certificate form FCI. So now it is all clear and on paper, now everybody knows what we knew all the time from the beggining of our kennel :) Congratulations to Badriyah!

    FCI certificate

    Another great news is that all A-litter puppies found their new homes. Five of them went all over Serbia, two to Czech republic and two to Switzerland. We are sure they all are doing just great with their new owners and that we will see them in future shows so that we all can contribute to popularization of this beautiful sight-hound.



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