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  • B-litter is here!!!

    On night between 8th and 9th April 2014 our Badriyah AG Dalvit gave birth to 10 little puppies, 3 boys and 7 girls. All puppies are healthy and well with no signs of any problems. Keep following our page for more info of B-litter. We give you this first picture of happy family. More news and pictures in following days. Be free to contact us for any questions.


  • B-litter to come soon!!!



    Hello everybody, long time no see :)

    We have great news, our Badriyah AG Dalvit is expecting her B-litter with Chebkali Sayad El Gazel. I will not spend words for Badriyah now after she become International champion of beauty. Chebkali have, among many beauty titles as young and adault male, 4th place in European coursing championship.

    We are very exiting about possibilities for this litter and can’t wait for puppies to come.

     Flayer Badi-Cheb v2

  • New puppies photos

    We have new pictures of our A-litter 22-days old. Puppies are progressing well, playing around and waiting a right moment [...]
  • Sloughi puppies

    Our biggest news, one that inspired us to do a site redesign is that Badriyah gave birth to 9 cute little [...]